Preschool Evaluation Process

I have concerns about my child, how do I have them evaluated?

A parent/caregiver, teacher, or doctor can do a referral. All referrals go through our Early Childhood Coordinator. Our coordinator and another preschool staff member will arrange a time to visit you and your child in your home. We will observe and interact with your child to gain an understanding of their level of development to see if a referral for an evaluation is needed. 

If concerns are noted with your child’s development, a referral for an evaluation will be done.

Who will be a part of the evaluation process?

All teams will consist of the parents/caregivers, special education preschool teacher, early childhood coordinator, district representative.

Based on your child’s needs a school psychologist, speech therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, vision specialist or audiologist may be involved as well.

 How will my child be assessed?

We believe that young children are best assessed by observing them in their natural play environment. Members of our team will visit your home to observe your child, and your child will also attend a Play Based Assessment in one of our classrooms.

As a caregiver, we will interview you for background and additional information.

When working with your child, we will be looking at the following areas:

  • Language and Communication
  • Fine/Gross Motor
  • Cognitive
  • Adaptive
  • Social Emotional
  • Visual
  • Hearing

 How  do  you  determine  if  my  child  is eligible for services?

After all evaluations are complete, we will hold a team meeting to review our findings.

A preschool child with a disability is a child between the ages of three and six years of age who has a delay in one or more areas of development.

What are my options for services?

Preschool children who are found to have a delay in development will have an Individualized Education Plan developed to address their delays.

Itinerant services can be provided in the least restrictive environment as agreed upon by the team.

Related services such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, etc. will be provided in an educational setting.