Loving Solutions

For the parents of children ages 5-10

Thirteen years in development, the Parent Project is the only course of its kind, providing activity-based instruction, support groups and curriculum addressing the most destructive of adolescent behaviors. Loving Solutions is part of the Parent Project, but for younger children, ages 5-10.

With a proven track record, the Parent Project has reduced juvenile crime by one-third, while significantly improving both school attendance and academic performance.

The Philosophy of Loving Solutions
The vast majority of parents love and care about their children.
Parents are the integral key to successful children.
When provided the necessary skills and support, parents can and will make the difference!

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Courses will be offered more than once each calendar year. Check with the MRESC for local dates and times. There is no charge for the class. A light dinner and snacks will be provided. If child care is needed, the YMCA will provide it for $2.50 per child, per week.

For more information contact Sybil Truster, 937-498-1354